What dose is right for you?

2022-05-25 by Jeannie

What dose is right for you?

She is a fabulous musician and singer. She walks peacefully and lives lightly on the earth. She loves to star gaze. She has never really fit in well with mainstream anything and stopped trying to do so a long time ago. It works for her. Her name is Penny and she occasionally uses a moderate amount of psilocybin, an amount that would not be considered a micro-dose. “The low end of a party dose”, is how Penny describes it. 

The active component in Psilocybin cubensis is ‘psilocin’. Psilocin is released as the body metabolizes the psilocybin mushroom. Psilocin is the cause of the psychedelic effect often experienced by people who ingest doses larger than the micro dose.

So what does “the low end of a party dose” mean then? Penny says a party dose varies from person to person. Not all psilocybin mushrooms are exactly the same. Some strains are more potent than others and some mushrooms within the same strain can vary in potency. Some people have a low tolerance level and so a party dose for them will be different from someone with a higher tolerance. A person’s weight, when they last ate, and state of mind are also variables that influence the mushroom high. Anywhere from 2 to 5 grams could be considered a ‘party dose’, but for some with lower tolerance, or for those wanting a less intense experience, a party dose will be closer to 1gram. When Penny refers to the low end of a party dose she means this 1 gram dose.

Penny says that this dose is ‘conscious altering’ for her. Things look “brighter, and more sharply defined”. She will often get a feeling that ‘something neat is going to happen”. “It’s a “good feeling, a glowiness” that continues beyond the high. It is at this dose that Penny loves to star gaze. “Sometimes I feel like I want to be ‘one with the earth’. It’s comforting. I look at the stars and I feel I am a part of something bigger than me”. This kind of experience is a fairly typical experience at the lower and mid-range ends of a party dose. 

When asked what she would say to someone wanting to dose at a higher than micro dose level, Penny says, “Start with a small dose. If you are new to using psilocybin and you haven’t experienced the sensations and altered states it can produce, you can end up with anxiety because you are being taken somewhere you haven’t been before. You can feel fear. It’s always good to dose with a trusted friend. The very first time I felt I was being swept away but I had a friend who talked me through it. After this I understood that the drug is safe and that not fighting the experience but allowing myself to simply go with it led to a more enjoyable and beneficial experience. It is important to find the right dose for you and so start low and gradually increase until you find the sweet spot”.

Penny doesn’t party dose often. She micro doses regularly however and says that this helps “with a lighter sense of being” and that “I haven’t been super blue for a long time”. 

Thanks to Penny for sharing her experience.

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