Covid-19 Mental Health Micro-Dosing

2022-04-23 by Jeannie

Covid-19 Mental Health Micro-Dosing

A survey on Covid-19 and Mental Health conducted by Health Canada and Stats Can during the spring of 2021 found that 1 in 4 (25%) of Canadians age 18 plus screened positive for depression, anxiety, or PTSD. The sample period was February to Mary 2021 and this was compared to a previous sample period of September to December 2020 where findings suggested that 1 in 4 (20%) of Canadians exhibited symptoms of depression.[1]

There is no doubt the pandemic has been hard on people. Social isolation, illness, stress, loss, anxiety, fear, the challenges of economic survival felt by so many, as well as the enduring nature of Covid-19 have negatively impacted mental health for many Canadians. These are difficult and confusing times that most of us have never before seen.

When we are struggling with depression, low energy, anxiety, and so forth, it can sometimes be hard to do the things that make us feel better. Many of us know this well.  Inertia and simply remembering to self-care can keep us feeling stuck. An emotional health toolkit, a list of ideas and wellness activities, an active plan to tackle those blues, can be helpful. One strategy is to write down all the healthy things you can do to help lift your mood.  Put your ‘Feel Good’ list somewhere you will regularly see it so it serves as a helpful reminder when you need it.

My list includes some obvious ones such as fresh air and exercise, restorative sleep, eating healthy food, and taking key vitamin supplements that I know I benefit from. I also stay connected to others, and I pause to see what is around me and to appreciate it – I practice mindfulness. I am blessed to live in a place that has an abundance of trees, birds, plants, and interesting people that offer lots of positive stimulations.

My list also includes less obvious things that include a daily dose of music (I’ve been loving CBC radio’s All Points West Kitchen Dance Party[2]), learning new things (I doubt I’ll ever be any good on this Ukulele but I’ll try anyway), and a daily magic mushroom micro dose – PureMicro products are my definite preference.

Depression is a common condition in my family and so I need to pay special attention to it. Like so many people who live with depression, I can get into negative internal chatter about things and these ruminations and the poor feelings they create can truly capture and overtake my head. Sound familiar? While all the things on my Feel Good list really do help, I find the daily medicinal mushrooms micro dose is the secret ingredient in my personal emotional health toolkit. It’s the icing on my wellness cake.

So what PureMicro products do I use? I like to use Psilocybin cubensis in combination with other medicinal mushrooms and so I use PsilocybeCubensis with Chaga (Restoration), PsilocybeCubensis with Turkey Tail and Maitake (Immunity), PsilocybeCubensis with Cordyceps (Energize), PsilocybeCubensis and Reishi (Calming) and PsilocybeCubensis with Lion’s Mane.(Cerebral). I choose one kind to take after breakfast each day, a 500 mg dose in total. This primes me for the whole day generally but if I am feeling the need for more I’ll take a second 500mg dose in the late afternoon. For example, I recently had a nasty cold and I chose to boost my well-being withImmunity and Restoration. Being a senior and aware of the brain-boosting benefits of Lion’s Mane, I will often choose Cerebral.  What makes me feel confident about using PureMicro products is, first of all, they work for me, and secondly, they are committed to safe, organic and sustainably produced products.

My life is different since I started micro dosing. I’m happier. I feel more objective about life’s irritants that used to grab me, and I know my general mental health is better. I am certain that micro dosing has helped to get me through some of the more difficult Covid-19 challenges and I’m grateful.


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